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Science Behind the Shade

Particularly perfect for patios and sunrooms—but compatible with all light-filled spaces—our Designer Screen Shades maintain your outdoor views while providing UV protection and curbing harsh rays to protect your works of art or fade-prone furniture.

Key Features

Special Fabrics—Our new, one-of-a-kind Greenscreen Sea-Tex™ fabrics, exclusive to Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Shades, boast yarn made from reclaimed, washed-ashore plastic.

UV Protection—Protect your furniture, flooring and artwork from fading. Designer Screen fabrics block between 86% and 99% of the sun’s damaging rays.

Multiple Opacities—Designer Screen fabrics are organized by openness factor. Openness is the weave density of screen fabric affecting the degree of visibility, privacy, glare and UV blockage. There are five options, ranging from most view/least privacy to minimal view/maximum privacy.

Top & Bottom Treatments—Customize these shades with top treatments that conceal the fabric roll for a clean look. A selection of bottom treatments includes fabric-wrapped options.






12" to 192"


12" to 144"

Design Studio™ Drapery Completes the Look

Designer Screen Shades with Design Studio Side Panels

Design Studio Side Panels & Drapery—in fabrics that are thoughtfully curated—are designed to pair well with all Hunter Douglas window treatments.

Designer Screen Shades Fabrics + Colors

A Few of Our Favorite Fabrics

Designer Screen Shades in Empire 3% Silver Pearl - thumb
Designer Screen Shades in Flourish 3% Rainstorm - thumb
Designer Screen Shades in Greenscreen Sea-Tex™ 3% Pristine - thumb
Designer Screen Shades in Indian Basket 5% Himalayan - thumb
Designer Screen Shades in New Orleans 5% Riverboat White - thumb
Designer Screen Shades in Palette 5% Whitestone - thumb
Designer Screen Shades in Striae 3% Mercury - thumb
Designer Screen Shades in Umbria 1% Basalt - thumb
Designer Screen Shades in Vienna 5% Sugar Cookie - thumb

This is just a sampling of our fabric choices. Please request a consultation to see all colors and textures.

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